Cable modem MSO access

by Antoine - categories : Network

The MSO (Multiple System Operator) is the cable provider. Connecting to the cable modem in 'MSO mode' means to get an advanced administrator access on it.

The point ? Get access to some more detailed informations about the modem, the connection, the synchronisation, and to get more options including one particularly useful : disabling the router mode and allow to use the modem as a bridge. To do so, you have to know its "IP CM" address, which is a IP type which allows to access the same interface the does by default, but with the possibility to log in MSO with these added informations and options. This walkthrough works for the Castlenet CBV434 and the Ubee F08C modems, the two main ones supplied by the french cable provider Numéricâble.


Software prerequisite : Java Runtime Environment

java -jar docsdiag.jar -cmip -v</pre>

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