Flash Android LineageOS on S10E

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Work in a virtual machine

I've been into several troubles to make Odin recognize my device in Samsung's Download mode (aka "Odin mode"), until I worked in a clean Windows install in a VM (VMware Workstation Pro). As soon as you want to "play" with Android ROMs, you will need to install and try softwares and drivers from different sources.

If not for security, just keep your (host) system clean from them and work with a fresh Windows setup in a sandbox VM. This will eventually save you from fighting hours into painful drivers problems. Just do a VM snapshot before installing anything, then roll back when you are done with the phone.

Cables and USB ports

Using third-party USB cables can keep your device unrecognized from your desktop. If you can't get the phone to communicate (file transfert) with Windows, you may want to try another USB ports, then try another cables. Usually the stock one will work great.


Backup all your files, photos, videos, contacts, apps, conversations, etc before doing anything on your phone.

Do not forget that Samsung SmartSwitch backups are encrypted and cannot be read by another OS than Samsung's Android OneUI !

If you are installing a custom OS from stock, I strongly recommand to manually backup things and export contacts in a .vcf file.

Step 1 - Prerequisites

Download tools, drivers, ROM :

Step 2 - Flashing Recovery with Odin

If you fail to be quick enough, the stock OS will automaticaly overwrite the Lineage Recovery with its own/default Recovery. In this case, just restart to Download mode again, then retry.

Step 3 - Flashing Lineage OS

You are in Lineage Recovery menu.

The following steps are identical to the official Lineage OS wiki.

PS C:\Users\User\Desktop\adb-fastboot> .\adb sideload .\lineage-18.1-20220116-microG-beyond0lte.zip
* daemon not running; starting now at tcp:5037
* daemon started successfully
serving: '.\lineage-18.1-20220116-microG-beyond0lte.zip'  (~47%)    adb: failed to read command: No error

As said in the official setup instructions, adb will normaly report Total xfer: 1.00x, but in some cases, even if the process succeeds the output will stop at 47% and report adb: failed to read command: Success. In some cases it will report adb: failed to read command: No error (I got this one, see above powershell output) which is also fine.

Location with microG

If you installed the microG pre-patched version of LineageOS, see further steps in microG documentation in order to make Location work.

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