Android root access via ABD

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Even on third-party Android distributions like Calyx, Graphene or Lineage, root access isn't enabled by default. I recently needed to access an backup an app internal data on my own device. On Android, these can be found on /data/data/com.myappcompany which is only accessible by the concerned app, meaning that the user is unable to browse it from another application on an unrooted device.

Android Debug Tool allows to browse the device internal memory from a remote desktop, with access restriction on these protected path. Fortunately there is a very simple way to browse it with root.

Browse device from ADB with root

On the phone :

On the remote desktop :

PS C:\Users\User\Desktop\adb> .\adb.exe devices
List of devices attached
RF*******LP     device
PS C:\Users\User\Desktop\adb> .\adb.exe root
PS C:\Users\User\Desktop\adb> .\adb.exe shell
beyond0lte:/ #
PS C:\Users\User\Desktop\adb> .\adb.exe pull /data/data/com.myappcompany/ ./com.myappcompany
/data/data/com.myappcompany/: 275 files pulled, 0 skipped. 11.7 MB/s (26798924 bytes in 2.181s)

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