Upgrade LineageOS on S10e

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This tutorial explains how to upgrade a major version of LineageOS on a Samsung S10e phone (SM-G970F / beyond0lte). In this case I upgraded from LOS v18.1 to v20.


Work in a virtual machine

Keep your (host) system clean from softwares/drivers and work with a fresh Windows setup in a sandbox virtual machine. This will eventually save you from fighting hours into painful drivers problems. Just do a VM snapshot before installing anything, then roll back when you are done with the phone.

Cables and USB ports

Using third-party USB cables can keep your device unrecognized from your desktop. If you can't get the phone to communicate (file transfert) with Windows, you may want to try another USB ports and/or cables. Obviously the stock one will work great.


Even if the upgrade is supposed to preserve all files, apps and settings (even the Work profile), always backup/export all your files, photos, videos, contacts, apps, conversations, etc before doing anything on the phone.

Step 1 - Prerequisites

We can check that ADB recognizes the phone with the following command (Powershell).

PS C:\Users\User\Desktop\adb> .\adb.exe devices
List of devices attached
RF*******LP     device

Step 2 - Upgrade S10e using adb

PS C:\Users\User\Desktop\adb> .\adb.exe sideload ..\lineage-20.0-20230502-microG-beyond0lte.zip
serving: '..\lineage-20.0-20230502-microG-beyond0lte.zip'  (~1%)

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